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New great resource for insights, cases and practical planning tools

Hey All,

I'd like to welcome you to check out our new free service for our clients, collaborators and friends.

We've evolved into a source of practical inspiration.

The site now offers interesting food for thought and practical advice in three areas:

1) The Stories We Live By - Insights and examples into the cultural and personal stories through which people live.

2) Brands Enabling Stories - Examples of how great marketers are outfitting the stories of peoples' lives with innovative brands and marketing.

3) Questions Collaborators Answer - How to answer the biggest questions facing strategists in the collaboration age.

This is just a small start. The service will be updated frequently so be sure to keep in touch any way you'd like (you'll find lots of ways there).


Love to hear what you guys think...



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Love it! As a "newer" planner, I am always looking for new ways to think about my craft and examples of how others tell  stories.
Cool.  Thanks.  And tell everyone about my site!.  Check our Stradar.  Awesome aggregation of every blog you should read.
I sure will. Thanks for mentioning Stradar. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! All I can say is WOW! You rock!

Thanks! It's great!




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