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We've Been Wrong All Along - postdigital planning BDWNY

Faris Yakob_Strategy for the Post-Digital Age
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Love to see what you guys think of this...either here or on my blog.
Rock ON 

ps I think I'm finally getting the spam problem under control - thanks for your patience.

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nice stuff as always.

i think that we get it in our personal lives, better at least. you don't have to measure every communication gesture by taking its temperature every five minutes.

and you can't harness magic.

the key i think is to be of service, build real relationships, and GIVE. Just give dammit. Every thing else will follow. The right people will follow and tell your story for you. IF you are out there being of service-

A story as old as time, yet we try to over think it/re-think it because most companies have no faith in this concept.

Figure out who you are, give, and be of service...strategy too often is abused as a way of out-smarting your customer - as if they can't be trusted in some way.

Luckily, today that's all changing. people have choices, are informed, and know what a meal cooked with love tastes like.

i love 2011!

Hey, Faris, have you seen "Transcendental Man"? You have to see it!!!!




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