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Add eCommerce to Your Web Site in Only 9 Minutes - Upload a File for 64,000 Links to Your Site.

Adding an eCommerce Shopping Cart/Checkout page to your web site is copy/paste easy and can be done in less than 9 minutes - then in just a few minutes more, you can upload a product spreadsheet that will produce 64,000 links back to your web site from over 3,000 purchase-enabled landing pages. That's the way to dominate the search engines quickly. And to make it very easy for more people to find and purchase your products.

Plus, this 'legal' method of SEO also works when people are doing google searches looking at images! (have you tried shopping lately, looking for images of the product you want to buy? It works great with google's new functions). Lots of shoppers are doing it now and our SEO supports it.

It's an idea that many have asked, but only few have answered. If you are looking to save money and the number of vendor accounts you have to login to and administer, dump your SEO company and let 800Cart be your shopping cart, checkout page and your ecommerce-enabled landing pages, too.

The author is a senior executive at 800Cart Shopping Cart/SEO an advanced ecommerce solution that combines cart, chackout and payment processing PLUS highly advanced, relevant SEO in one simple solution that takes only minutes to set up and copy/paste onto your web site (any web site).

See our entire line of highly useful eCommerce/SEO videos at

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