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Fast Viral Sales with 16 Payment-Enabled Landing Pages Per Product is Copy/Paste Easy to Install

Dominate the search engines in just a few days: You can quickly set up any web page to send your sales viral with just one simple copy/paste operation onto your web pages per product. With 16 auto-generated (purchase-enabled) landing pages per product and each of these pages bearing 4 links back to your web site, you will quickly (with only about 100 products) have 64,000 links or so back to your web site raising your page authority and page rank accordingly. We even give you a free trial to check it out. Best yet, it's very, very fast to deploy - you can copy/paste your first cart-enabled product into your web page in less than 9 minutes from right now.

With the auto-SEO enhancements built-in to our solution - every page of which has a "Buy Me' button for your product, you will dominate the search engines quickly, using keywords for the products you sell, not just keywords about your company. You simply copy/paste the purchase controls for a given product into your own web page (any web page) and the rest happens automatically!

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