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Your Personal Obama Smackdown: Deprive Big Government of Tax Revenues While Improving Your Own Revenues

One businessman I visit with regularly put it most succinctly:  'If all
of the US's 130 million taxpayers would take the normal tax credits and
deductions of about $4k they would get in the first year for starting a
micro-business, they would instantly deprive the government of $552 billion
(over half a trillion!) dollars in tax revenue.  My question is: why isn't
everyone who believes in this country starting a tiny business?  With such
sudden and huge fall in revenue, the government would either have to openly
enslave us or reduce big government to a much more realistic scale!  And
the new business owners would have total job security because they can never be

Pajamas Media's Dr. Helen has been discussing

'going Galt' or just 'Galting'
for short.  Galting is the idea that you
have the option and even the patriotic duty to legally reduce your income and
taxes owing to deprive the government of revenues to over-regulate your life.  
My friend's company and my own company have become highly successful
laboratories for Galting while still continuing to contribute to our improving
lifestyles.  Yes, I am saying that you don't want to hurt yourself by
reducing your taxable income to the poverty level voluntarily, but there are
legal ways you can shield income, benefit from tax deductions and credits,
creatively domicile your business or revenue streams, and reduce the taxes you
must pay while still improving your lifestyle.  All while being your own
boss and getting to make the final decision as to whether you get fired or laid
off by your company! 

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